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Quest Inspection Services
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909 841 8736
Gathering information is an important part of making an informed purchase.
Having a qualified, experienced, thorough property inspector to help assess the
condition of what is generally an expensive purchase is just good consumerism.
Your inspector should be well educated in the property inspection field, be very
experienced, and have an excellent reputation for quality, service and objectivity.
Darrell Bell, owner/inspector of Quest Inspection Services has inspected full time
since 1989, which includes thousands of property inspections!  Quest Inspection
Services provides a detailed narrative format report, not an inferior check list!
Darrell is a committed, experienced, qualified inspector, and consumer advocate.
A Quest Inspection Services inspection includes, among other things:
  • The grounds around the building.
  • The pool and/or spa (if present and requested).
  • The exposed and readily accessible parts of the foundation, attic and crawl
    space(under the house).
  • The heating and air conditioning systems and water heater(s).
  • The roof covering(s).
  • The fireplace and chimney.
  • The building exterior including doors and windows.
  • The interior of the building.
  • The garage including auto doors and openers.
  • The built in appliances and much more.  
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